Is Your AI Product Secure?

The next generation of AI technology has arrived, bringing along an unprecedented set of security vulnerabilities
PRIZM Labs is here to help

New Technology, New Vulnerabilities

...we've seen it time and time again. The rise of the web, the explosion of cloud, and the gold-rush of cryptocurrency: each brought genius builders, revolutionary technologies, groundbreaking products...and new vulnerability classesIn the race to develop AI-driven products, security often takes a backseat. At PRIZM Labs, we recognize this critical oversight and stand ready to bridge the gap. Specializing in the rapidly evolving attack surface found at the intersection of large language models (LLM) and traditional security infrastructure, we offer unparalleled expertise and deep research to fortify your productsLet us be your trusted partner in security so you can get back to doing what matters most - innovating

LLM Security Audits

Our experts will approach your product with an attacker mindset, looking for a wide array of potential vulnerabilities specific to your implementation

Data Security Best Practices

Hosting an internal model for your company? Let us help identify
sensitive inputs and stop them at the source

Application Pentesting

Your product is only as secure as the infrastructure it's hosted on. We use a traditional application
security approach to identify and report potential weak points

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